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which camera to use for rollercoaster


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I'm currently coding a PG path3D use case.


I would like to show a rollercoaster  : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JPPXD

(path3D model with tangents, normals, binormals on left, final rollercoaster mesh on right)


Actually, I would like to do something like this threejs demo when you click on "pline animation ON"  http://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_geometry_extrude_splines.


As I didn't investigate BJS cameras so far, I wonder what kind of camera I should opt for : a TargetCamera ?



My needs are :

  • the cam can be positioned dynamically in space, this position can't be modified by user controls (keyboard, mouse)
  • the cam can aim a target (vector3) or else (don't mind wingy  ;) ) can aim with an axis (vector3)
  • the cam can be rotated/aligned in space, so I could make follow the rollercoaster rails curve... or maybe should I set it in a rotated parent mesh ?

Any clues appreciated :)


[EDIT : in the threejs example, the cam doesn't rotate with the curve]

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from the docs:


  • FollowCamera - Forum user AlexB was kind enough to contribute the handy FollowCamera to Babylon.js. (Thanks AlexB!) This camera is specifically designed to follow any scene item with a .position... as it moves. It can be set to follow from the rear, from the front, or from any angle. Its follow distance and movement speeds can be set, as well.

I personally never used it and never tested it so.... no idea how well it works. But it works for sure :-)

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As far as I understand, the follow camera ... follows a mesh at certain distance.


I want to set my camera at a given position because I compute this position according to the path3D. Idem for the camera target ...

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I would do the following:

- Create a box at a given position

- Create a followCamera, which target is the box above

- Set the box invisible

- Move the box according to the path3D, the camera will automatically follow.


And you're done.

The followCamera is easy to set up:

camera.radius = 4;camera.heightOffset = 1.5;

The camera will rotate accordingly to its target.

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I really don't get how cameraDirection works



(added interpolation now, so the movement is smoother)


Look at this : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JPPXD#4

line 124 : the camera direction is set towards the origin what is a point on the ground where a wagon leaves.

Yet the camera, positioned at pos, doesn't look toward the wagon.


Am I missing something ?

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seems to work better when using setTarget instead of this weird cameraDirection: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JPPXD#5

here, the target is a point at 20 further (dt line 93) and the interpolation step is only 2 (line 99)

If you want more steps to go from segment to the next one, then the camera seems to shake (step = 10 ) : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JPPXD#6



grrrrr... camera problems !!! :angry:   the path and animation seem to be working


I probably use the wrong camera or the wrong property values...

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If you wish to do something like this:https://googledrive.com/host/0B6-s6ZjHyEwUfkRGTUVVTUxaT01UZUlieGdCODF1blFZZHJFMnRJUHBpcG1KcnBjUVluYXc, then use either targetcam or freecam with no attach.  You need to set camera.lockedTarget on the mesh to aim at.  I think you also still need to shake up camera every time mesh moves, by calling camera._getViewMatrix()

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Well, my camera is moving along the rollercoaster rails and it looks (choice to be done in the code) either at a certain number of points farther on the rails, either in the direction of the current tangent to the rails (vector).


So there is no real locked target, like a distant moving or static mesh, since the camera direction changes according to its own position only.


What am I suppose to do with the cam viewMatrix then ?

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Since I can't have the cam working as I expect for now, here is a first roller-coaster demo (no subjective POV) introducing some new BJS features for 2.1 I'm proud to have contributed to :


Curve3D + hermite spline







still investigating to have some smooth subjective view

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As far I understand, the lag occurs each time the value of the target given to setTarget() changes.

Maybe is it a too big difference between two successive values ..?


I would like to use cameraDirection instead, but it doesn't behave as I expect (I think we give an axis)

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