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Load JS files only if they exist


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Hello there dear people of this awesome forum!


I am hoping you can help me with a problem I have:

Let's say my game has these files:

  • main.js
  • player.js
  • hud.js

If hud.js is missing the game won't start. I need a way, so that this would only not show the hud but still execute the rest of the game.

Any tips are appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Make an ajax request to your file, looking something like this:

{  url: "./js/hud.js",

   success: function(result){
      console.log("file is there");
   error: function(){
      console.log("file is not there");



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Thanks for the answers. I will look into Ajax.

I am trying to build a programming learning environment. The player types some code in a web based IDE. These produced files shall then land in the game. So the player basically extends a basic game. 

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