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Phaser 1.0.6 Update


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Just pushed up 1.0.6 to master. Here is what's new:

  • Added check into Pointer.move to always consider a Sprite that has pixelPerfect enabled, regardless of render ID.
  • BUG: The pixel perfect click check doesn't work if the sprite is part of a texture atlas yet.
  • Fixed issue with anti-alias in the Game constructor not being set correctly (thanks luizbills)
  • Added support for the Graphics game object back in and two examples (thanks earok for spotting)
  • New: Tweens can now be chained via multiple to() calls + example created (thanks to powerfear for adding)
  • Fixed Math.wrap (thanks TheJare)
  • New: When loading a Sprite Sheet you can now pass negative values for the frame sizes which specifies the number of rows/columns to load instead (thanks TheJare)
  • New: BitmapText now supports anchor and has fixed box dimensions (thanks TheJare)
  • Fixed bug where if a State contains an empty Preloader the Update will not be called (thanks TheJare)
  • Several new examples added (cameras, tweens, etc)
  • Added in extra checks to halt collision if it involves an empty Group (thanks cang)
  • Added time smoothing to Animation update to help frames hopefully not get too out of sync during long animations with high frame rates.
  • Added frame skip to Animation.update. If it gets too far behind it will now skip frames to try and catch up.


Also in the dev branch is 1.0.7 which contains:

  • Added World.postUpdate - all sprite position changes, as a result of physics, happen here before the render.
  • Complete overhaul of Physics.Arcade.Body - now significantly more stable and faster too.
  • Updated ArcadePhysics.separateX/Y to use new body system - much better results now.
  • QuadTree bug found in 1.0.5 now fixed. The QuadTree is updated properly now using worldTransform values.

Please note that any future pull requests must be made against the dev branch and not master.

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