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Main structure of Pixi.js


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Hello guys,


I am totally new to pixi.js and I don't now how to get pixi.js started...

I did the getting started guide on the pixi website (http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-tutorial-getting-started/) but just get error messages and just a black screen! 

The console of the chrome developer tools says: "You do not need to use a PIXI Stage any more, you can simply render any container."! I have no idea what this means and the bunny doesnt show up aswell!? I also just have a black screen and not a light-green one... What might I do wrong?


So what I did was...

1. Download pixi.js and implement the pixi.js file in my project (+assigning the file with the right path to the getting-started-index.html)

2. Copy+Paste the code from the getting-started-site

3. Run in Chrome

4. Getting Black-Screen(/window)


Ok now that I explained my problem, would anyone be so kind to give me an example of the basic structure of a 'modern' PIXI Mini-Website? (Pixi.js version 3.0.6)

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