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I know it's not directly related to BJS, but I would like to tell about WebGL books here since there's no BJS book yet.


As BJS hides us the real complexity and verbosity of WebGL (which is a good thing for us to focus only on our program logic), I personally have been feeling a bit frustrated up now because I wanted to understand what and how things happen under the hood.


I just finished this book (for french readers) : http://www.eyrolles.com/Audiovisuel/Livre/webgl-9782746078178

And learnt a lot :) ... so I recommend it.

It teaches about WebGL of course and about 3D (WebGL is not mandatory 3D). So it embraces all the concepts we handle, without even knowing it sometimes, when we use BJS.

As a side note, the author is a Polytechnician (Polytechnique is one of the very best scientific engineer french high school) and we feel that he has some math orgasms sometimes (mmh... the Plücker coordinates, ... Blinn Phong approximation..mmh,  SSAO depth test ... aarrgg), so you can skip many complex pages if you don't remind your math master curses :lol:


Now, I'm about to start to read this one (english) : http://www.informit.com/store/webgl-programming-guide-interactive-3d-graphics-programming-9780321902924



[EDIT] : just started the english one now... it is really very didactic and accessible compared to the french one which starts directly with matrix computations (high math level required)

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Maybe, if you have the time, you could look at this book jerome:


WebGL: Up and Running


It is by Tony Parisi  - a blast from my VRML past.


The book is heavy with three.js examples and models. It was, however, published in 2012 (so written 2011?) and maybe a bit out of date.


I do hope that sooner or later someone publishes a book on BJS - I learn best by example :).


cheers, gryff :)

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I've seen this book, as well as others claiming to be WebGL, but being actually more Three.js related (as for : Jos Dirken's "Learning Three.js : The javascript 3D library for WebgL").

Well, they are good books, but they quite talk only about Three.js.


The both I mentionned in the first post of this topic are framework agnostic : pure raw WebGL only, getting your hands greasy and dirty :D

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Hello !


I hesitate between two french books : 




The first one talks about armature animation (this is rare), physic collision etc...

But the second one looks cool too.


WebGL Programming Guide seems nice to begin but there are not advanced features.



What did you think about your two books especially the french one (Bourry) ? 

You read the english one because it is more beginner friendly ?


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actually in iran we cant buy any of this books so maybe i need ask what is best solution for learning

0. read w3c standard reference   for webGL  ( life is short for that )

1. research and look samples and read code ( sample of a lot people  ) 

2. just read personal experience of one people ( writer of book )

of course if we can find some one like @Temechon for collect result of solution 1 that is Wonderfull  but it is not good for collector ( i think )

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So unfair !

I think you already know but I post in case of :


The best lessons online i think.

At the beginning it can seem messy (the books explain slowly that).




made by Bourry




An example : Frinlet

It's a game made by a cool guy in WebGL. We could see him code :




And then a difficult suggestion :

Maybe you can ask someone to buy for you and send the book if you pay him via paypal.

(or download)




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