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Looking for Games Developers/Team to provide multi-touch table top games.

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Hi All,


We are a new start up and are looking for games developers to provide us with multi-touch table top games.

You would need to integrate our API which will be provided at a later stage.

The games shall be played by 8 players on a 42”,48” table top multi-touch screen.


We are looking for very simple yet challenging games for the players to play against each other.

The graphics need to be good(cartoonish and rich in colour)

Below are some examples of the games that we are looking for (not exactly but to give you an idea):


1              don't crash                                          http://html5games.com/Game/Dont-Crash/9320bd31-c1fa-4dda-9a89-6e3946399a84

2              bunny hitting game                         http://html5games.com/Game/Rabbit-Punch/b1ed2d15-2f25-4175-9325-10c7711876a0

3              slingshot racing                         http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.crescentmoongames.slingshotracing

4              Bloop table top finger frenzy      http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.noodlecake.bloop

5              spinwars                                              http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.brightsidegames.spinwars

6              Lux Ahoy                                             https://luxahoy.com/

7              Fingle                                            http://tabtimes.com/best-tablet-games-local-multiplayer-13437/

8              Wrestle Jump                                    http://tabtimes.com/best-tablet-games-local-multiplayer-13437/

9              ice cream please                                      http://html5games.com/Game/Ice-Cream-Please/c3c76ede-d9ea-468a-b9ad-1bdabfc3cb15


There will be upfront payment and as mentioned it is a long term working partnership there will be recurring payment as well.

If you are interested please PM me with the following information:

Company Name:

Contact person:

Contact person’s contact(email or skype):

Example of past finished games:


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I am not sure how to send a PM on this forum. Can you please contact me on e-mail or Skype for more info?

e-mail: [email protected]

Skype: ggamesgeorge

I have worked on 28 HTML5 games and I have more than 20 available for licensing(Exclusive and non-exclusive). I am also able to work on new games, with specifications provided by you.

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I have rich experience in HTML5  and Unity 2D/3D  games and i'm interested to do work with you.


You can contact me at [email protected] 

Skype - tanzanite05


My few recent Samples :

1. Finger Control

2. Dot & Blocks

3. Christmas Word Game

4.  A word to Guess

Some more unity work samples for Game Applications can be seen here:

1. Unity Fish Game

2. Unity Underwater Game

3. Magic Tool BOX: 


Looking forward for further discussion.



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