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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I have been working on Phaser 3 development for about a month now and was curious about multi-touch support. We are working on a simple platformer game and single touch is crippling to a mobile user. I read through the dev logs and it seemed like support was "on the way" a few months back. Is this still part of the development road map or has it been shelved for other features?
  2. Hi, We are looking for developers who have similar or would like to develop the following games. These games will be played on a multi-touch table of more than 32 touches. Number of players will range from 2 to 8. The game needs to incooperate our API. Game 1: players will compete in drawing simple shapes with both hands concurrently. Game 2: players will fill up shapes with body parts print. After printing, the players can enlarge, reduce or rotate the body prints to fill up as much of the shapes given as possible. Players who fill up the most percentage of the shape will win. Game 3: Selected player will draw something, the others will replicate including the player who drew it. The one who drew the most alike will be first and so on so forth. Game 4: The players will play an instrument each and ochestrate a song/songs. The one who play the best will win. All these games would have to be on HTML5. If you are interested in the above or similar games, feel free to contact me. Lets have a chat. Please also provide sample of games that you developed before.
  3. Hello, I would like to use the Phaser Box2d Plugin on a mobile device to handle multiple touch inputs. As of now, box2d creates/destroys the mouse joint on each input down/up, respectively. Is there a way to work around this to allow for multi-touch mobile games? Thanks in advance. gameblox
  4. Hi All, We are a new start up and are looking for games developers to provide us with multi-touch table top games. You would need to integrate our API which will be provided at a later stage. The games shall be played by 8 players on a 42”,48” table top multi-touch screen. We are looking for very simple yet challenging games for the players to play against each other. The graphics need to be good(cartoonish and rich in colour) Below are some examples of the games that we are looking for (not exactly but to give you an idea): 1 don't crash http://html5games.com/Game/Dont-Crash/9320bd31-c1fa-4dda-9a89-6e3946399a84 2 bunny hitting game http://html5games.com/Game/Rabbit-Punch/b1ed2d15-2f25-4175-9325-10c7711876a0 3 slingshot racing http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.crescentmoongames.slingshotracing 4 Bloop table top finger frenzy http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.noodlecake.bloop 5 spinwars http://playboard.me/android/apps/com.brightsidegames.spinwars 6 Lux Ahoy https://luxahoy.com/ 7 Fingle http://tabtimes.com/best-tablet-games-local-multiplayer-13437/ 8 Wrestle Jump http://tabtimes.com/best-tablet-games-local-multiplayer-13437/ 9 ice cream please http://html5games.com/Game/Ice-Cream-Please/c3c76ede-d9ea-468a-b9ad-1bdabfc3cb15 There will be upfront payment and as mentioned it is a long term working partnership there will be recurring payment as well. If you are interested please PM me with the following information: Company Name: Contact person: Contact person’s contact(email or skype): Example of past finished games:
  5. Hi Community ! I have an issue getting the position of a pointer.I'm using in my game 2 pointer, and i need to get position of both, my problem is that when i am trying to get the position of the second pointer down, this position is updated only if the first pointer has been moved. So when i put my first finger on the screen but not moving it, i can't get the position of my second finger when i am moving it. Here is something i put in the game.update() function to detect pointer : if (this.game.input.pointer2.isDown) {//HERE IF FIRST POINTER HAS NOT MOVED me.game.input.pointer2.position.x AND me.game.input.activePointer.position.x DON'T CHANGE WHEN I AM MOVING MY SECOND FINGER ON THE SCREEN// (it is updated on down but not on move)me.log.text = me.game.input.pointer2.position.x +" "+ me.game.input.activePointer.position.x;}I also try to use callback but even a moveCallback position is not updated on that particular case. Thanks for your help ! Edit : It appears in android browser and cordova app when it use android browser engin. This is not in fact a phaser problem but a browser one, still the problem remain.
  6. TouchTheBeat is a game for tablets and other touch-enabled devices currently in development. Alpha 1 was just finished and can be playtested here: Play Alpha 1 TouchTheBeat is level-based. Each level consists of a song from SoundCloud and a composition of gameobjects. The more rhythmically accurate you interact with the gameobjects, the higher your score will be in the end. The game comes with the ability to create and share your own levels. You can find more information on TouchTheBeat in my blog post here: http://coloreddrums.de/touchthebeat-alpha-1/ Due to the fact that this is Alpha 1, the graphics are obviously kept very simple at the moment. This is my first game and I would love to get some feedback from you! Especially I would like to know how you experience the difficulty of the included demo-levels.
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