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Proposal : IRC chat room for babylon ?


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I seem to have already seen this proposal. after then, we'll ask for a postal card supports. oh and by phone ca also be cool with visio conference please.  :D


I find that using this forum is sufficient. IRC or other chat, there is hardly anyone to answer in general, people do not spend their lives on the cat waiting for someone to ask a question. So much to ask in the forum and expect a response within 24 hours.

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I didn't think about it for community support reasons. But for better collaboration between contributors. I have seen how #blendercoders operates and have seen contributors discussing over many thing. I thought that was better way to collaborate on open source projects. 


But anyway on the other side babylon doesn't have huge number of contributors too. So may be it is not required. 

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Hi gang.  This subject is somewhat dependent upon where the core Babylon team is at... in the development of the BabylonJS Virtual Reality server, which will have room chat, paging, walkie-talkie channels, and yell (discouraged).  I know it is being planned/developed, because I want it, and it's a fantastic idea.  hehe.


So, when that gets done, we'll have all the live chat we can stand (with real-time translation).  Plus, we can do live playground hacking, work-on our personal home-worlds and let others come visit them, and help each other build/code.  (treehouse teaming - much better than capitalism competing). ;)


And let's not forget about the hourly BabylonJS shows put-on by users/robots... at The ScenArena (scene arena) commons area!  YAY!


I run a mesh ranch in that world... we breed/raise free-range all-natural mesh, mostly used in mesh-petting zoos.  ;)


I like to call our new VR server...  Babylon Bay... but it isn't right for me to have naming rights, so it's wide open to change.  Meantime, I'll call it Babylon Bay or BB.


The interface to BB, is a webpage.  You must auth-in to the server, and then the server sends the "client" which is mostly webpage and canvas(s).  (canvi?)  :) The style/look of the "client"... is personally adjustable by each registered user, and many can be stored and swapped live, UNLESS you are "in" another person's scene and they need to control the look/func of your client.  Sometimes, certain objects in the parks and museums will have their own "presentation" as well, triggered with a "look closer" choice.


I don't play online VR worlds like Second Life, but I imagine our server will be in that vein.  One thing we highly seek... is the abilities for users with "wizard rights"... to write server code and install it "live", if possible.  Wizards must also have the abilities to reset the server (push fresh webby clients to everyone online, after a "10 minutes till reset" warning)


Wow.  Dream, drool... off topic.  But no, really.  Once we get a flexible VR server... we OWN all the ways to interact with each other. We'll build anything we desire and try it all, and there will be mesh in the chat room with us... possibly the very fonts we are chatting-with. 


Then, we write "verbs" (see LambdaCore MOOs)... little pieces of JS code stored on our mesh... like open, kick, push, turn, take, drop, etc.  Things like "throw mesh at alby" will work, once you code the 'throw' verb on your mesh.  :)  Fun! 


Mesh verbs and properties... can be inherited.  All mesh and users, server-wide... have a unique number, issued when they are @created. Each user has a byte quota... which, thanks to the kind folks at Azure... is huge and ridiculously free.  (These details are here to help steer the programmers of the server - all zero of them).  :) Azure will go-on to market these BabylonJS/webGL servers to those who want their own world servers, and OUR world server... BB, will thus remain forever free for our usage.  (in theory)


But real-time language translation... that's what we REALLY seek, eh?  All that other stuff is just frosting on the cake.

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You bet!  (Once you convert them to webGL)  :)  Not only that, but you can build themed areas out in your "south 40" that are initialized by your scenes, but others can build similarly themed things out there.  A town can form... based on that theme... built by many... but started by you.  Fun!  You control the building permissions for that area... because you are the founding father.  :)  (The grounds out there are .owner'd to your character number.)


The "first trip" to the new world... will be quite an endeavor.  It will be nothing but a raw server, and we need to build the communities ourselves.  I figure about 73 of us will board 3 Assassin's Creed sailing ships... the Neener, the Pinto, and the Santa Margarita... and we'll sail to The New World.



"We're calling everyone to ride along... to another shore.  We can laugh our lives away, and be free once more."  Yeah!  :)

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You almost had me with Blues Image.  However, if you had pulled out a little Grand Funk Railroad "I'm Your Captain," I'd be all the way in. :)   OK, that probably dates us both.  I guessing NO ONE else on this forum gets any of this.  I remember when I had MY first beer. :blink:

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