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Blender Exporter didnt show up


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as part of a new project i tried to install the Babylon Exporter for Blender (2.74) on OSX but the exporter doesn't show up in the Add-Ons-list of the preference Window.



i tried both ways installing the script, 'install from file' and copying the python script directly into the blender installation folder (/Applications/blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.74/scripts/addons/) but nothing gets listet in the preferences.


Are there any known issues with Blenderexporter on OSX? Did i missed something?


Can anyone held me? :)

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the exporter doesn't show up in the Add-Ons-list of the preference Window.


steffenk, I don't have a Mac but have installed the exporter on WindowsXP and Windows 7 - always works with either the "Install from File" or dropping the files directly into the addons directory.


That said, I sometimes find it hard to find it by using the default preferences window as there are so many addons. So try the following:


1. Click on the Import-Export button. It should be easier to find.(A & B in image below) - but if not then:

2. Type babylon in box labeled C in image below.


If it does not show up with the latter method - then there is an issue of some kind.


If you find the addon, which ever method you use , make sure you activate it and then "Save Preferences"


cheers, gryff :)




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thanks gryff but i tried to avoid any kind of slips and iam using blender for over 10 year :).That shouldnt mean iam faultless but believe me, i wouldnt come up with a thread like this if iam not sure that's something strange going on.


here is my addon list:


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Ok steffen it does not appear to be showing up.  I appreciate that you have been using Blender for 10 years, but my experience on the Unity forums tells me to start from the "basics" - I never assume anything from forum posts. So please don't take it as an insult :)


So we are looking at a few options here:


1. There is a problem with the exporter addon  - have you tried installing a different addon with your set up ?

2. There is a problem with Blender 2.74 - have you tried a previous version of Blender? ( I mostly use Blender 2.71 - but will try 2.74 tomorrow)

3. There is a problem with Blender 2.74/Mac OSX


Here is an example of a possible addon issue - here. A different addon that generates windows - ignore the video but scroll down to see comments about "Anybody else having issues installing this on Blender 2.74?" and "Do you have windows generator for mac users?"


cheers, gryff :)

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yes gryff, thats my experience on the unity-forum, too :D


I tried it with blender 2.71 and 2.74 but nothing showed up. I totaly removed the installation of blender, rebooted the system, reinstalled Bledner, reinstalled the add-on, rebooted again but nothing showed up.


today i tried to install blender 2.74 and the babylonscript on my macbook ... gues what, i worked without any problem. Its realy strange. Same blender version, same OS version, same script version.

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