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Easy way to add support for custom render shapes?


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Hi. I'm using phaser pixi framework, and I want to use custom spline interpolation to create amorphous shapes. However pixi only supports polygon, ellipses, and circles. Is there some sort of way I could add support for custom shapes outside of adding code to CanvasGraphics.js? Because I don't want to keep rewriting that code everytime I update my Phaser.js file.





The easiest way I see it is adding new data type PIXI.Graphics.SPLI = 4. Then adding my function drawSpline to the PIXI.Graphics prototype. Then add extra else if to the PIXI.CanvasGraphics with my algorithm. Thinking about it, I don't see how else that kind of thing will be done. My question still stands, but for now I'll just take the source and modify it.




odd performance errors when filling. hm, this might take a long time to implement lol.

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