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Big viewport performance


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I'm about to start making my portfolio, and I've got a basic idea of what I want to do. The Babylon viewport will occupy all the screen, since it will serve as the website background, as the user scrolls down, the Babylon camera will also move and show different stuff on the background.


Do you think slower computers will have trouble rendering the site because of the big viewport, or permormance is more related to triangle count on screen?


How many triangles do you think a low-end computer can render on a 1950x1080 screen without going below 25 fps? Are there any benchmarks on that?


Does babylon have any system on detecting computer hardware performance other than FPS? Is it possible to dynamica rescale the rendering resolution when FPS go below a certain number?


Thanks a lot.

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The  permormance is more related to triangle/poly count on screen and the number of mesh, but also the animations, the number of particle, lensflare, the number of types used textures (eg texture reflection consumes) and several other criteria. But Babylon is quite optimized to handle large scene without losing too much FPS.



and babylon has sceneOptimizer that could allow you to keep FPS above a certain level and optimizes your scene below this threshold. http://babylondoc.azurewebsites.net/page.php?p=22581


You can also use Octree that really optimizes well the big scenes. http://babylondoc.azurewebsites.net/page.php?p=22561


There are many trick to optimize a scene. Consider also the normal map to give relief on meshes which not. This will create low poly models that resembles higth poly models.
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Dad is right, performance is linked to the number of mesh, the number of materials and the size of your textures. If you have 1 mesh with 100k triangle, it's better in term of performance than 100k mesh with 1 triangle.

For the number of triangle, I currently work on a project where there are more than 2 millions vertices (that's a lot of triangle) at the screen, and I'm never below 30fps.

For your portoflio, you shouldn't have any problem, except if you are creating 100 textures 2048*2048 for one material.

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