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Test effect of Postprocesses for mobile


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During my development of projecting scenes onto 3D TVs from mobile devices, I noticed on an android tablet, that the frame rate dropped significantly.  Decided to make the simplest test possible to try to confirm what I thought was happening.  Made this its own topic, rather than bury it on page 5 of another topic.


A post process performing poorly on tablets also has implications for things other than TVs.  Driving one the new VR / AR headsets from a mobile device would look pretty infeasible.  Not to mention the other built in post processes: blur, refraction, light scattering, etc.


The test basically draws a plane over an over, in batches of 250.  Batch 1 is thrown away.  Batch 2 is timed to get a base line fps.  Finally, the simplest possible post process shader is added.  Batch 3 is timed for comparison to batch 2.


Results are written to console, but this not viewable on tablet browsers, so the plane doubles after the test to hold a texture of the results (fps without / fps with).  On desktops, there should be little impact.


Here is the link:



I have not run this specific test yet on my devices, since the googledrive link is so long to type.  Will update this topic, shortly.  Others have different processors.  Please add the results for your own mobile devices.  No bother for desktops (though maybe the hybrids like Surface could be interesting).

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Yep, I found on


Sony xperia v3 tablet http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/ab922b5e, running android 5 was 57.35 / 26.37

Apple iPad Air2 tablet http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/ad8a3023, running iOS 8.3 was 60.01 / 58.58


Hoping others with other hardware will show whether this is an android problem or that just certain hardware.

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Wow, that was quick.  I got both a Chrome & an Android update today.  The Chrome seems to be being updated automatically.  I am now 43.0.2357.93.  I did not think to do a run prior to the Android update, but version looks to be same as reddozen.


Now running Android 5.0.2, which is what I thought had before  (build 23.1.A.1.28).  Anyway reran the test for Sony, and now 57.92 / 55.24


Thanks for the vorlonjs tip.  I have not played yet, but with my clavicle still healing & summer, I seem to get almost nothing done lately.


DB,  I am positive you're busy with E3 right now, or you are fool, since you are in LA.  When you get back.  Check the versions on your V2, please.  Run a before & after updates.  Thanks!

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Well, I got a little ahead of myself.  Thought I could now just run my 3D tester CocoonJS app, and everything would be fixed.  It still drops down to 5 fps any time a 3D render is engaged though.


I ran the 3D tester scene on the browser.  I was relying on either the console or canvas+ built in fps meter, so could not see results directly.  The disappearing dialog is done over a fixed # of frames however, and the time to disappear was much better.


I just went the other way by running (will get to vorlonjs some other time) this test on canvas+.  Result is 56.85 / 21.53.  This means that this is very much a hardware / OS / renderer combination, as reddozen also is showing.  Will see what happens from an XDK app, but not today.

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