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Animator/artist required for conversion work


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We have an immediate requirement for an animator/artist to repurpose a large amount of flash vector graphics and animations into bitmap animations for use in HTML5 (spritesheets/texture atlases) There’s a lot of min-games that need converting – approximately 300 (TBC). The original flash anims were authored over a period of about 10 years or so and there’s multiple authors, so styles vary a lot. The activities/games are all very simple, but because of the nature of the players they tend to have large graphics.



Some things we’re particularly looking for:


  • Essential skills:
    • Flash
    • Photoshop
  • Desirable skills:
    • dragon bones/spriter/other skeletal animation system experience
    • Zoe
    • Texture Packer
    • Git/Bitbucket
  • Nice to have 
    • CreateJS
    • Pixi.js
    • understanding of HTML5 game development processes
  • excellent knowledge of creating artwork in Flash
  • must be able to create optimised sprite sheets from existing flash assets within tight specifications
  • knowledge of mobile and html5 restrictions 
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I have rich experience in those you have requirement.


My few recent Samples :

1. Finger Control

2. Dot & Blocks

3. Christmas Word Game

4.  A word to Guess

Some more unity work samples for Game Applications can be seen here:

1. Unity Fish Game

2. Unity Underwater Game

3. Magic Tool BOX: 

Let me know if you are interested.
You can reach me at [email protected]  or add me on Skype - tanzanite05
Looking forward for further discussion.
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