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Odd Object Out - A Simple Puzzle


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I had a frustrating day yesterday working on a game that I have been slowly building. So at lunchtime today, I decided to try something new and different - a break from the frustration. So this is an early version:


Puzzle 1


Can you decide which is the odd object out - and why? Post below if you think you know which one and why. Objects are number 1-5.


I will post the answer later in the week perhaps with a version with more bells and whistles.


cheers, gryff :)

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I vote for number 1 ! Do I have to explain why ?


Explanations: It's the only one that has all its traits on others objects.

#2 is the only one without a black border.

#3 is the only cylindrical.

#4 is the only one green.

#5 is the only small one.


#1 is red (like 2, 3 and 5), has black borders (like 3 and 5), and is squared (like 2 and 4). It's the odd one by NOT being odd :)

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I agree with Temechon and go with #1.


I would put the explanation like this: It's the only one out of those 5 that can not be identified by naming only one property. Every other object can be uniquely identified by its shape, border, color or size. If you want to describe number 1 you need to name two properties to make sure that it is described enough, I guess. :P

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Cool!   Gryff, #4 doesn't belong, because it is the only shape that is numbered with a non-Fibonacci number.  :)


Sesame Street, right? 


"One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong.

Can you guess which thing is not like the others...

before I finish my song?  I'm gonna finish my song."



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It's the odd one by NOT being odd


Brilliant Temechon :) . But when I first looked at the puzzle - I kept thinking it was like a javascript prototype - and you are a master at those ;)


The puzzle was originally developed by Dr. Tanya Khovanova of the MIT Math Dept. Her interests include "recreational mathematics" - whatever that might be (puzzles?).


I have posted a new puzzle here


cheers, gryff :)

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