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Clone method for MultiMaterial doesn't work


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Hello :)


I try to import a mesh and clone it and change diffuseColor of each clone but all mesh have the same color.


Here is a code :

var meh = newMeshes[0];for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {     var clone = mesh.clone("clone"+i)     //new material for each clone     clone.material = mesh.material.clone('newMat'+i);     clone.material.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(Math.random(), Math.random(), Math.random());}

(mesh.material is a MultiMaterial I think because there are subMaterials[0] and subMaterials[1])



Thanks for your help

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Thanks for your correction with subMaterials

but that is not the problem :


when I clone :

var mat = scene.getMeshByName('clone1').material.clone('mat');mat.subMaterials[0].diffuseColor = BABYLON.Color3.Black();

all cloned meshes change their color, like if mat was a link of the material and not a clone, any ideas ?


Thank you :)

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I fail to see how not cloning each submaterial of a multimaterial is an expected behavior.  The only member multimaterial has is the submaterial array.  Seems to me that this is a bug.  Otherwise, why not just copy the reference, it would do the same thing, e.g.

var myCloneMulti = originalMulti;
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