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Friction when using Arcade physics


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I am new to Phaser, so definitely a ton I do not know. I was experimenting with it by working on a little game where a player jumps from one platform to another, based on where the user clicks. I did this by setting the velocity of the player's body. However, once it lands on the other platform it just keeps sliding. I looked into the documentation and found a Friction property in Arcade.Body but I am not sure how to use it. I looks like it should be applied to the platform the player lands on, but it seems to require a point, and I have not been able to find an example using it.


I did implement a custom friction method using the collisionCallback used by the collide method, that reduces the x velocity incrementally to 0 and results in this behaviour:




Which seems to work fine, but if there is a built in way to set it, I would prefer to use that.

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