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Improving the Phaser experience


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Hey fellow Phaser users,


I'm wondering how I can add value to the game dev community around Phaser. So...

  1. When it comes to Phaser...If you could wave a magic wand and have any result today, what would that be?
  2. Why is reaching that result so important to you? What will it change?
  3. What are your top three questions about reaching that result?
  4. What roadblocks do you need to overcome to reach that result?

Thanks! Happy coding.



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My top irritation is Tiled. I'm on OSX and the experience there isn't so great; it looks like a cross-compiled GTK mess that doesn't follow platform conventions ('cuz, y'know, that's what it is). I think the Tiled folks have done a great job, it's just not to my taste.


My top magic wand request is some kind of native tilemap editor that supports a subset of Tiled's features. Perhaps something easily extensible using JS.


My main roadblock is that I'm currently more interested in working on my game than working on a tile editor myself. ( =

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I think what phaser is lacking the most is comprehensive guide. Tutorials are nice but they are not the real study material written with that in mind, there are some books such as Discover Phaser (which I do have) but that is only on a level of "What actually framework is and what does that has to do with Phaser" than anything else. There is a nice official documentation but even that is lacking in more than one way especially for people with no framework background (even for people with framework background). So something more like MDN javascript or even a bit more would eb beneficial for new people as well as for seniors.


Basically no one is nowadays gonna read the whole framework and remember it, that's impossible. Phaser examples are a good way to go with but to be comprehensive you would need explanations with them and most importantly comparison with other possible ways how to do the same thing in phaser (I really like MDN and php manual :-)).


That's just my 50 cents, I think focusing on tutorial how to make a game in phaser is pointless. There are dozens of tutorials on how to make a game (because for that you don't need phaser specific tutorials that much) but there is no GUIDE to phaser as a framework. Anyone can copy past tutorials but no one will understand how it works or why the author did that or what were other possible options to do that. I think that's the essencial part which phaser is currently missing.


The authors did a great job and they keep it up so I don't think it's in their human powers to extend to such lengths, so I would highly recommend trying going in this way, after all the system could be made that more people can contribute to it to make a solid results in reasonable time.



PS: I'm not experienced phaser guy, so I just pointed out what I like about other study materials/manuals which are missing in phaser universe :-).

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Thanks Azrael, that's a really good point. I definitely have a hard time getting the information I'm looking for. The examples are great, and they've gotten me pretty far, but a guide that gives a deeper understanding sounds very beneficial. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good structure for something like this?


I'm using sublime text, and it can be a pain figuring out the arguments for a function or even finding the correct function at all. Am I missing a resource that helps me quickly find what I'm looking for, or do other people piece together what they know from the examples like me?

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