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And in place 497 of most popular js projects...


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That's a fun list... I really have to start learning angular I guess :P


Well, 497 ain't that bad, right? Let's set a goal and see how long it takes to reach it ;) We could go for Top 100!?


Edit: I just had another look at that list and Three.js is at 7!?? What the heck..forget the Top 100 Babylon should be in the Top 10 at least!

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Popularity... pfft... what a poor criteria to measure-by.  ;)


Let's look at one glaring, telling statistical factor of BJS:  No girls.


Our last real hope... was Lisa Rutan:  http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-223982987/lisarutan/photos


If there was anybody that could have spearheaded our framework's march into the land of girls... it was Lisa.  She was probably doing a class in 3D graphics when she visited us, and she hasn't been back, lately.  Needless to say, Lisa has a pretty decent face, and if you get all the way down to picture #59, you'll realize that she has other quality assets, as well.


Damn, I'm a perv.  sigh.  Yep, there's more than one kind of popularity for a webGL framework.  In my many years of playing music in American bars, we have noticed one consistent fact.  If you get the girls to come, the place will be packed and it will be a fun and wild party.  Conversely, if you gather a sausage fest, you get a lot of drunk crying or fighting men.  :)  (actually, men bar fights OFTEN happen over a girl, so it's mostly crying men.)


Also, our forum... has the longest posts of ANY webGL framework this side of the Manson-Nixon line.  We rock, no matter what the herd says.  Trailblazers don't care about a herd that doesn't notice excellence.  We're going to make great trails into the new frontier no matter what anybody thinks or says.  It's because we know something that they don't yet know... how fun, powerful, and easy... BJS is.  With so many people peddling their products in everyone's faces... it is frustrating to try to show people something TRULY cool.  They instead run over to threeJS, get spanked by its enormity, and leave webGL behind... for awhile.  Then they accidentally discover a great playground demo, and we got 'em forever.  :)


In a way, we are sucking fans through the back door, right?  We'll take it.  Backdoor folks are investigators... the curious... the adventuresome, and those are the folks we like.  We have a forum full of 'em... and that's exactly where I want to be... but I can't speak for others.  :)  Generally, there are two types.  One type follows the pointing of the big neon arrow, and the other type takes apart the neon arrow to see what makes it point.


Now go find Lisa, tell her she has been elected Lady Babylon, and let's get her a powerful "Introduction to BJS" on a credit-card sized CD... to hand-out to all her friends.  Maybe little flash cards with a key ring hook... that's pretty.  So, these girls hand around these little flashcard trinkets, and if someone accidentally plugs them into a card reader... they get a BJS show and all the urls and intro docs they could ever need. The more shiny and/or more furry the trinket, the better.  A tiny chrome BJS mesh shape would be excellent... it opens to expose a flash connector... but I bet it'd be x-spensive to make 'em.


I got $100 ready to buy the first batch of pretty keyring flashcards for Lisa's campaign.  That should get us what?  Four BJS show cards?  :)


Party on!

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Well, the title wasn't long enough... It is actually the top JS projects on github...

But hey, 497 is not bad! Look at the amount of stars this other-3D-framework-whose-name-we-cannot-say has. 20,100! Of course it is in number 7. Bring more stars people! stars!!!

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Wingnut, I think your take on the subject is... interesting. I agree very much on one point though: the BJS community is strong and passionate, even if not very numerous. There's enough people in this forum to answer questions & solve issues as they come along, and to new users which in turn will be able to do the same thing themselves.


Also I find that recently the features that were brought into BJS were not 'basic 3D engine stuff' anymore, but more and more advanced ones. Volumetric light scattering, complex mesh operations, adaptive optimizations, physics through web workers, improved shadows... I don't even know how all these things works. And there's probably many more to come! What a wonderful time to live in :)

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