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2d Graphic Character Resources


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As a long time programmer who has experience with Photoshop (manipulation, not creation from scratch)  I would like some assistance in tracking down graphic assets useful in creating high-res 2d character animations.


I stumbled upon this youtube video: 

 which shows the author using mighty editor to quickly animate a toon created from legs, arms, body and head.  I loved it!


Does anybody know of a free / cheap resource for these kind of graphic parts / assets?  I've found tons of resources for 3d models and unity, but that's beyond what I need for the simple 2d animated game I am working on. 


The only resource so far I've found is http://www.cartoonsolutions.com/store/catalog/Photoshop-Character-Packs-p-1-c-291.html, but the pricing is somewhat out of my hobby range ($25 per toon).


Thanks for your time!

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