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Need Help Configuring VIM TernJS Autocompletion!


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Can somebody who is already using the TernJS plugin for vim help me configure the .tern-project file for a phaser project. I have generatated the files using yeoman phaser-official generator so my folder structure looks like this:

src/                                                                                 | assets/                                                                            | bower_components/                                                                  | | phaser-official/                                                                 | css/                                                                               | js/                                                                                | | boot.js                                                                          | | game.js                                                                          | | main.js                                                                          | | main.js.bkup                                                                     | | menu.js                                                                          | | preloader.js                                                                         | index.html  

Do I have to use RequireJS to configure Tern? If yes, is there any generator that does it automaticaly? I've never used RequireJS before so I don't know how to set my project up with it.

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