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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Guys, I am a rookie and trying to learn phaser3. I'm curios if there is any good intellisense, auto-complete support add-on for Atom or VC for phaser 3. Best,
  2. Hi. In v2 (community edition, as far as I've tested) you could, using webpack and the expose-loader plugin, pretty much use Phaser in a bundler environment and get full (except when a physics engine was selected, but it's not a big deal) intellisense/auto-complete in VSCode and in other editors too, I believe. You could code using ES6 and lint the whole thing without issues. It doesn't seem to be the same in v3. Importing (import Phaser from 'phaser';) doesn't seem to return the same result in v3 as it did in v2 - I can't have const game = new Phaser.game(options); - and the phaser3-project-template npm package shows a global import (import 'phaser';), which causes intellisense/linting to fail. Is there a way to have Phaser imported into a const instead of the global space and have it "work" the way it used to in v2? Is it done in a different way? I know things have changed in the core, but I was hoping to keep the same tooling as before, with intellisense and linting working. Thanks, and please forgive the broken English.
  3. Hello everyone, Background: I have been looking around for a good engine/framework to use to build HTML5 games. Since I know Unity and am familiar with the engine (plus I know my around C# a bit) I wanted to use to create HTML5 games, however the WebGL isn't quite up to par not to mention that it doesn't work on mobile browsers. So I went ahead and switched to Construct 2, now I am quite familiar with it and have used it for a long time before the switch (in fact I started with Construct 2 and then switched to Unity for making non-HTML5 games). While Construct 2 is perfect for me (since I am more of a designer than a programmer), I figured that to do this seriously I can't escape learning to code specially that my goal is to transition to multiplayer games (where Construct 2 fails to have an authoritative server setup and sticks to the P2P setup -- but that leagues away from where I am now). Deciding that, I spent the past 2 days looking at code and comparing frameworks and I've settled that so far Phaser seems to be the best free engine and has the most support in the HTML5 game development scene (unless I am missing something). So I started using that and followed the first platformer tutorial, which needless to say while good, left me lost and note sure what is going on with a few things. As mentioned I come from a background with Visual Studio in terms of coding, so I'd like to keep Intellisense-kind of feature. I heard of Phaser Editor and I tried to give it a spin but unfortunately it didn't offer the level I had with Visual Studio (and I am not putting any blame here, it is an incredible tool and perhaps I am using it wrong -- I guess that would be more akin to the truth). That and the fact that I can't fork $30 for it at the current moment. The main problem: I would like to use VS 2015 Community edition and get the intellisense I get with Unity (now I understand that there may not be a solution for this and it might not work 100% as Unity's but I'll settle for anything at the moment that actually helps with the Phaser API rather than just Javascript code -- I don't need VS to complete "var" or "function" for me). What I have done is that I looked into the VS plugin market and found a Phaser template that uses JS and I downloaded that. However when I open a new project using that template and then start typing something like var Game = new Phaser.Game(blah, blah); it doesn't recognize anything beyond "var". I only found a way on the internet if I use Typescript (which I would rather avoid so I can learn JS and later on be able to pickup Node.JS instead of having to learn Typescript then start learning JS with Node.JS). So my question is, how can I use JS with VS and Phaser while VS2015 having intellisense active with Phaser related stuff? Secondary problem: I am searching for tutorials similar to that on the Unity Learning website. Something that does a lot of hand holding with a few small KISS games and then moves into advanced stuff while still explaining what is going on. So far what I have seen is either tutorials that has no steps and just go "Here is the code I used" or others that provide steps but general explanation and no "real learning" could occur from there. Like I said, I am not a coder and need a bit of hand holding at the start till I have built a few example games and then start doing my own. Where can I find such tutorials? TLDR: I'd like t use VS2015 with Phaser for intellisense but code in JS not Typescript. Also would like some tutotrials that actually explain what is going on and teach rather than just dump information on you -- tutorials that go through making game with hand holding and then scale up as we move on. Sorry for the long post and thank you so much in advance!
  4. Hi guys! I have seen some errors: this._joints is undefined ...in the playground, lately. Is anyone interested in being told about this? My latest error happened with a playground that had a mesh.setPhysicsState call, but there was no scene.enablePhysics. I disabled the user's setPhysicsState call, then tried to reRUN. Joints error. This error seems to require a playground reload... to clear the error. 6 times in 2 days. *shrug* I'll keep investigating and report news.
  5. Hi, I've been using Phaser with Notepad++ until now but I decided to try Visual Studio with Typescript (everyone praised the IntelliSense, so I thought it would be good to test it myself). I'm a completely noob so maybe I screwed up in something pretty obvious, but the IntelliSense is not working. The strange thing is that it worked at first... but it doesn't work now. I tried with the references to the phaser files but the problem persists. Is there something I'm missing?
  6. Can somebody who is already using the TernJS plugin for vim help me configure the .tern-project file for a phaser project. I have generatated the files using yeoman phaser-official generator so my folder structure looks like this: src/ | assets/ | bower_components/ | | phaser-official/ | css/ | js/ | | boot.js | | game.js | | main.js | | main.js.bkup | | menu.js | | preloader.js | index.html Do I have to use RequireJS to configure Tern? If yes, is there any generator that does it automaticaly? I've never used RequireJS before so I don't know how to set my project up with it.
  7. Will the Phaser Sandbox get an autocomplete feature? The snippets are useful but a real autocomplete would be an awesome time saver and miss typing corrector. I love the Sandbox and currently using it on a Samsung Chromebook(the first one made) to learn game development.
  8. Hi all. Just started playing around with Phaser and I'm seeing some strange behaviour with JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web. I followed all the advice I could google, and it's almost working perfectly.. but something to do with being inside or outside of a function seems to be affecting it. I am very new to JavaScript, so I might be missing something, but the following behaviour doesn't make any sense to me: (I get one level of intellisense) (but not any more than that) However, inside of a function it works perfectly... (Intellisense shows me everything) In a separate file, I get a similar problem, but one function level down... (limited here) (but everything here) Any advice would be much appreciated!
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