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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm quite new to web development, so I'm quite lost regarding to make VS Code Intellisense work for PixiJS. I'm currently using Webpack 2 and I'm able to run PixiJS examples, but only because I've included this in my index.html file: <script type="text/javascript" src="libs/pixi.min.js"></script> So, my code works, but I don't get any autocomplete in VS Code because I don't know how to import Pixi classes and methods into my .js project files. Can someone give me pointers or a small tutorial about that? Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, i m looking for some text editor or ide with autocomplete working with phaser. I was trying do smf with sublime text 3 (love this editor) but couldn't make it. Also i was trying with VS15 but Phaser Themplate is out dated
  3. Hello, I am using netbeans and the question is: is it possible to make netbeans autocomplete work with Phaser library?
  4. Can somebody who is already using the TernJS plugin for vim help me configure the .tern-project file for a phaser project. I have generatated the files using yeoman phaser-official generator so my folder structure looks like this: src/ | assets/ | bower_components/ | | phaser-official/ | css/ | js/ | | boot.js | | game.js | | main.js | | main.js.bkup | | menu.js | | preloader.js | index.html Do I have to use RequireJS to configure Tern? If yes, is there any generator that does it automaticaly? I've never used RequireJS before so I don't know how to set my project up with it.
  5. Will the Phaser Sandbox get an autocomplete feature? The snippets are useful but a real autocomplete would be an awesome time saver and miss typing corrector. I love the Sandbox and currently using it on a Samsung Chromebook(the first one made) to learn game development.
  6. Hi, tomorrow (February 18th) following changes will be applied. there might be small downtime approx (1 - 5 minutes) * atlas: - export to *.js(on) - assets will have correct atlas specified - after atlas info update (upload new data file) - all objects will be updated and will show correct frames - while creating new object from texture atlas ME will try to guess object name based on frame information - panels will remember scrolling positions after switching tabs in the preview area * source editor: - autocomplete automatically will show up on typing (you can disable it - MyMighty -> personalize -> SourceEditor -> autocomplete) also you can alway call it manually - Ctrl + space - "smarter" autocomplete + simple documentation - source editor will start with index.html, play.js, menu.js, load.js files open * map editor: - shift + arrows - will move object by 10px instead of 1px. Notice that Ctrl + arrows - will make grid size jumps * general: - form now on all text files will have UTF-8 encoding - treeViews now uses small thumbnails for the previews - should improve performance in general thanks to everyone for reporting bugs and sharing ideas for improvements