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Loading assets more than once in pixi 3


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I'm upgrading an existing project from pixi 2 to pixi 3.



In pixi 2 I could load an assets several times and it would automatically:  load it the 1st time   but use the cached version on subsequent loads.  (and simulated a load complete as well, so everything works nicely)

this was very handy.


Now with Pixi 3, a second load of the same asset triggers an error :  Resource with name bla.png already exists.


So now I need to fix ALL my loads to check if an asset has already been loaded or not (while the loader itself also does this, but only throws an error)



I know in the examples you only load something once, so its an issue you don't really encounter.  and I'm hoping this is just a little missed feature or something.


or was this change in behaviour on purpose?  (i.e. having the programmer implement lots of extra checks which were previously done by the loader)

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Cool, that works.

Too bad its an extra step though..




It is because .reset() drops the internal cache of objects and reset the loader for loading again. The extra step is there because the loader does a lot of extra stuff that didn't happen before, and we can't know when you want us to dump the cached resources and start over.

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