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Play Animation after looped Animation


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what's the best way to begin an animation after a looped animation finished the actual loop?


My attempts were:

var animatable = new BABYLON.Animatable(scene, shipMesh, start, end);var animation = animatable.getAnimationByTargetProperty('position.z');scene.getAnimatableByTarget(shipMesh).appendAnimations(shipMesh, [animation]);


TypeError: r is null

scene.getAnimatableByTarget(shipMesh).onAnimationEnd = function(){    scene.beginAnimation(shipMesh, start, end);};


it's never triggered

scene.getAnimatableByTarget(shipMesh).loopAnimation = false;scene.getAnimatableByTarget(shipMesh).onAnimationEnd = function () {    scene.beginAnimation(shipMesh, start, end);};


Setting loopAnimation to false kills the actual loop.


I guess there is an easy way to do what I want, but I can't find it.



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Hi RelaX, welcome to the forum, good to have you here.  I did SOME talk about your animation issue here:  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/2571-the-wingnut-chronicles/page-31#entry89280


You did something enjoyable and entertaining, and you didn't even know you did it.  :)


There is a demo there... and some light discussion about animatables.  AND, 6-10 posts previous to that one... talk LOTS about animations.  Maybe that will help you enough to get you rolling.  Good luck and keep us posted, please.  Again, welcome aboard!

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I created the animatable because I tried to get an animation object for appendAnimations().


Well, I think my best option would be something like that:

var anim = scene.getAnimatableByTarget(shipMesh);var currentFrame = shipMesh.animations[0].currentFrame;var currentEnd = anim.toFrame;scene.beginAnimation(shipMesh, currentFrame, currentEnd, false, 1, function () {    scene.beginAnimation(shipMesh, start, end, false);});


Hm, shipMesh.animations ist empty, where can I find the currentFrame?



var currentFrame = anim._animations[0].currentFrame

Works, but I don't think I should access "_animations", is there another option?

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Hi again, RX!  Looks like you're doing fine.  I have never used appendAnimation... so thanks for the information.


Um... somewhere, you MADE the animation object...

var myAnim = new BABYLON.Animation("at5", "rotation.z", 30, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CYCLE);

You have a line like that, somewhere, correct?   You have never pasted a line like that... to us.  :) 


myAnim.currentFrame is then easy to access, yes?


Have you pushed myAnim into shipMesh.animations?  *shrug*

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Interesting, interesting, and... um... interesting!  You are filling-in gaps in my study of animations.  Thanks!


Nothing lands in shipMesh.animations after the load, huh?  Weird.  (new learning for me)


Hey, is there anything in your scene._activeAnimatables array... after scene.isReady or somewhere near that time?


Does the idle animation land there?  (thanks)

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There are some animations, don't know which ones, but I guess the idle animations.


We changed our animations from bones+skin to a direct animation on the object. And now shipMesh.animations has 2 objects, one for the position and one for the rotation.


I guess I don't have to access _animations anymore.

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