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Tween Bugs / Level Skipping Bug?


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Okay so my game is out on android right now and online for beta, but I have a few bugs.


Link to game: www.farzadv.ca/ninjadodge


So the first bug is when you die, if you double quick fast enough to reset the game, it just goes haywire and skips a bunch of levels at once and shoots shurikens everywhere...I have a feeling it is because the previous tweens didnt finish fully..Or i'm not reseting the game properly..


Second bug is sometimes the levels just go up by 2 or 3 rather than 1 (in the score)


Bonus: How can I make a shuriken follow the player and then disappear after a while? Because there are a lot of safespots where you can never get hit..


PM me if you need the src code! 

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