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Your game will soon reach 5,000 "copies" in a distributed environment such as the web.  The license could be read that you'd need to spend $2,500 at that point, so there is legal jeopardy of releasing a game using mp3.  However I am not aware of any legal cases involving HTML5 games, and it is doubtful we'd be the first.  Some might argue being the first would be a good thing because it would probably be on the back of a breakout success story :)


Avoiding .mp3 by using .m4a instead is easy and has some practical benefits (better compression, less significant head and tail fades for loops).  Just remember to keep things 16 bit and longer than a second to avoid some browser issues.


.ogg is the unrivalled counterpart, you'll need to couple this with .m4a to achieve across-the-board modern browser audio.  Use a test for the valid format at runtime (most audio frameworks do this for you).


Less sounds is best sounds for mobile browsers: loading is expensive, memory is expensive, playback is expensive, caching is often unavailable for audio.

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