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Rotation Animation


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A question.


I need to rotate an animation, in the direction of another object.


Create a method that allows me to do this. but for a sprite, but when I try to type an object animation, but does not rotate.


watch the video, which have two methods, which are angles to me to turn my animation, you work to perfection and the other not.



Look how the sprite with the same angle, pointing to my hero.


and when I use the animation with the same angle and not pointing to it.


and when I change the method by spinning according to the pointer, rotating smoothly.



the animation changes its angle to the method I use for the angle of the pointer, but the method if it works, to change the angle for the sprite. but to change the angle of the animation is not working.



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I need to make an object of class animation(game.Animation) rotate and point where my hero.

you need to get the x,y position of both your hero and enemy and use a function like this to calculate the angle between them and then rotate the enemy by this angle

function angle(cx, cy, ex, ey) {  var dy = ey - cy;  var dx = ex - cx;  var theta = Math.atan2(dy, dx); // range (-PI, PI]  theta *= 180 / Math.PI; // rads to degs, range (-180, 180]  //if (theta < 0) theta = 360 + theta; // range [0, 360)  return theta;}
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Thank you very much for your answer, but look and achieve my goal.


look this is my function, is the angle of my two objects, and my mistake was that it was not updated each positioned himself as the animation was moving.


anguloEntre: function(source, target){
var dx = target.x - source.x;
var dy = target.y - source.y;

return Math.atan2(dy, dx);

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