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How to prevent player to modify scene?


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How to prevent player to modify scene? For example player can add a new camera and use it or player can change day night settings or player can add a light source. We can't check all of this from server side for all players.


I am using three.js. Is there another framework to prevent player to modify scene?



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Well, it's kind of the issue for eveyone, as soon as you transfer data to your client, you can't really know what he'll be doing with it, especially if he knows a bit of JS or HTML...
Except from checking md5 sum with a script regulary to make sure the files are the same (even that can be blocked/intercepted) I don't really see any solution...

I would suggest to just deal with it, consider that any data you transfer to your client can be "stolen" or used in any way the client pleases, just be careful what data you send.

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Eventually it doesn't really matter if people edit the client side, because it only affects their client and not others.


As Tableuraz mentioned, just make sure you don't send any sensitive data that - if changed influences the server/other players or current player in a cheating sense (i.e modifying game stats).


If you go to google and inspect element and change any text or style it only affects your browser, and it resets when you reload the page anyways.

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