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Found 6 results

  1. kazoo

    Update arc

    Hi is it possible to update one of the properties of the arc, in the RequestAnimationFrame draw function. So I would like to update the endAngle of the arc, so that after each frame it looks like the arc is extending, getting longer.
  2. Hi, How to prevent player to modify scene? For example player can add a new camera and use it or player can change day night settings or player can add a light source. We can't check all of this from server side for all players. I am using three.js. Is there another framework to prevent player to modify scene? Thanks,
  3. Hello, I am quite new to Babylon JS. I was wondering if there is a way to morph the selected vertices on click. I read the documentation, and tried all their examples, but have yet to come up with a solution. So far I have this code below. scene.onPointerDown = function(evt, pickResult) { if (pickResult.hit) { // code for mophing selected vertices here. var chosenMesh = pickResult.pickedMesh; } } I am stuck right at this point. I did some console logs and chosen mesh seems to select the entire plane. I also tried pickResult.faceId and it gives me the Id of the selected face, however, I am not sure how I can edit this particular face on the height map. Any ideas? Or examples? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi ! I've a prob ! The default animation with setPreloadSprite is an horyzontal transition from left to right, is it possible to change it ?
  5. Hi guys ! On the advice of Gwenael, I write this topic for my question... As the title say it, how can I modify a part or many parts of a mesh imported in Babylon.js linked to a skeleton with an another mesh without bone? An example ? Ok ... I have this mesh in Blender v2.67 : You can see the mesh linked to a skeleton composed of 3 bones... As you see it, the mesh moves with the skeleton... until this, all is ok ^^ ! Now an another mesh like this for example : A basic mesh without animation, nothing to say... So in my Babylon scene, I have this... (after import of my 2 files.babylon of course) And the result that I would like will be anything like this : I saw in tutorial that a skeleton have a bone array and a bone can "access" to his mesh linked...Gwenael talks me about "submeshes" too... but a example made by a competent person like ProfessorF, Gwenael or DeltaKosh will be more evident to understand I think : ) Thanks you for your help. P.S : If anyone want my Blender or Babylon files to go quickly in this research, I will send them.