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New ArchViz for BabylonJS, experience.


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Hi, im a friend of author (Ruggero) of this scene made entirely in Unity 5, i think why not convert to BabylonJS to be a new demo ?


This is a hot scene made for Unity, i think this is the best Archviz for Unity 5 made today.


Im looking for a experience users that can help in the conversion. Any help will be appreciated.  Pls contact me.


The hole scene have 1 Gb of size.






The video of scene:





The objetive is do the same as the 'Espilit' demo or 'The Car' by Michael Russeou.


I think the results can be awesome. 


What i need to start:


A index.html and index.js with the same camera as Espilit demo, i dont know how to do yet...

Image FX activated like:



- DepthOfField

- Floor Reflections

- Bloom

- Emissive objects

- A little of Chromatic Aberration

- Lens Flare

- FXAA Antialiasing

- Soft Shadows

- Color Correction LUT support ? ( i dont know if exist in BabylonJS yet).

- Light Shafts ( Light Scattering ).


Like ? Lets do this new demo ? I want to learn with you guys !


I will try to make a simple 'export' with the new Unity 5 babylon export plugin and run to see whats happening.


Sorry my english, is not my native language.





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Hi Davrous and Techmon, thanks for the interest.



The scene is not mine, the author is my friend, and im trying to help him with your job.  



I got the permission of the author (Ruggero Corridori) to make this showcase for babylonJS, but i cannot share the scene yet, he ask me more time to sharing, because he is selling the scene on asset store (have 2 days only of publication), and .babylon can be imported on Blender and all models extracted, no ?


This could be awesome if Michael have interest to help with the conversion too. I will invite Rugerro to this thread.


When i try to import the scene on Babylon Sandbox im receiving this message: 


"Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'readAsArrayBuffer' on 'FileReader': parameter 1 is not of type 'Blob'." 



The hole exported .babylon have 789Mb with full quality of textures. All textures are create with Metallic workflow on Substance Designer. I believe this is a great opportunity to make a showcase with this new Unity export plugin ! :D





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Maybe a quick debug help, the only place this function is used is the ReadFile in Tools, and the only place the ReadFile is used is the last line of the Append function in scene loader - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/615cc493c885f796517c194ceb33ec8c39d67eb2/src/Loading/babylon.sceneLoader.ts#L202  - and it seems like the file is not being converted to a Blob before using this function. It is also used here https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/06c324932ab875e331dda7d59e7e1350a3f700c1/src/Tools/babylon.tools.ts#L291 , but the files here are already Blobs.


So, I assume, creating a blob from the scene file will probably solve this? I don't want to hack around before I am sure this is the problem thou.

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Updating ! With help from Temechon, the scene finally loads into BabylonJS;


Now with textures optimized to 1024x1024 the hole scene have only 70 mb.


Bellow the link, no progress bar, wait to load.





Good, now i need to lean how to apply effects and optimize the scene with lights, reflections and FX ( ssao, light scattering, etc) to be beautiful like ESPILIT demo. :D


Thanks Temechon !

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Hello, I'm very interesting by see your final result =)


Here is the current result I can see :

I think there is a problem of strechning / scaling in my navigator.


Some advices :

- add a manifest file (in order to not have console error)

- add collisions to not allow to go though away walls

- set camera sensibility slower

- add an assets manager to show user the number of remaining streaming items to download like here : http://babylonjs.com/index.html?HILLVALLEY


Great Job guy ! ;)


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