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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys. So me and my friend have been hitting the grind on network programming for the server side of our real-time multiplayer game. Our game involves handling collisions with synchronized enemies and projectile/melee-based weapons. We don't really care about player-player collisions, but it might be something we want. From what I've been understanding, for this game I'd want to have an authoritative server that essentially has a game loop running that simulates the game state. The clients will interject with their desired actions and use client-side predictions to render what the
  2. Hi, I am 3D graphic designer and programmer. I create 3D configurators in Realtime like on the following website. The configurators was developed on WebGL-basis and have the problem that the only load if the configurators are visible in the viewport. How I can solve the problem? Thanks.
  3. When I started to play around with the Phaser API, I wanted to tackle the challenge of creating a realtime game with multiple players. I decided to use the PubNub multiplayer framework for the realtime functionality and it worked extremely well. I put my entire project up on Github and you can try it out by clicking HERE (open up two browser windows to test real time functionality). PubNub provided me with low latency with message delivery happening in less than 250ms and Phaser is super lightweight which allows it to work in mobile browser and even on low end computers. The entire project
  4. Hi everyone, I am creating project, where player have his backyard map and some other maps where he can work ( farmer, fisher etc). Now data from database are loading to phaser using php and ajax. Maps are created in tiled editor and loaded to phaser by standard function, preload, create, update Now i want to create map where players will be able to cooperate in real time. So, players will be have maps where will be only one, and them go to the map where will be cooperate with other players (something like market plaece :)) It will be websocet needed? Maybe i must to recreate ev
  5. First of all sorry for my bad english! I'm working on this game for a few months... it's a spacial strategy multiplayer game built with phaser.io and bootstrap (client side) and Nodejs (server side). The world is persistent It is to raise resources from the various planets , build or buy new ships and space colonies. I have to define well what is the goal for the win. Any comment and help is welcome ! Same screenshots and video ... More info : Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/cha
  6. Hey guys, I found a really nice blog post made by Ezelia some times ago. I'm believing it could be useful for a lot people developing multiplayers games so i wanted to share it with u . http://ezelia.com/2014/ubuntu-nodejs-varnish-monit Enjoy, and thanks Ezelia
  7. Hi there, I'd like to share with you guys that we launched the first alpha version of Cube Club Soccer: http://cubeclub.gamestd.io It's a realtime soccer game, where each player is an actual soccer player. Feedbacks are very welcome! We want to make it dead simple to play and have fun instantly! Screenshot
  8. What is the best instrument for creating a realtime multiplayer game without lags (FPS around 30-60)? I'm looking at node.js + socket.io and Phaser on a client side. Will it be possible or is there a better way to do it? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, im a friend of author (Ruggero) of this scene made entirely in Unity 5, i think why not convert to BabylonJS to be a new demo ? This is a hot scene made for Unity, i think this is the best Archviz for Unity 5 made today. Im looking for a experience users that can help in the conversion. Any help will be appreciated. Pls contact me. The hole scene have 1 Gb of size. The video of scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rer7xyU_HnI The objetive is do the same as the 'Espilit' demo or 'The Car' by Michael Russeou. I think the results can be awesome. What i need to sta
  10. Hi guys, I think we should create a plugin for real-time games with Phaser Framework, using Socket.io with Node.js or SignalR with ASP.NET. What do you think everyone? It would be great all work together and do it... sorry for my bad english hahaha Regards, Nicholls
  11. Hello there, this will be my first post and I want to excuse all of my beginners questions. I will work on it. At the moment I want to create a real-time chart and there a several questions about a good “way” to realize that. 1) My first try is really simple: Draw a line between the Points with the “graphics.lineTo” function. Then shift the graphics object position to the left. The Problem is, that the graphicsData will grow until there is no shift of the array of the data. If I use a CanvasRenderer I can shift the graphicsData but it do not work in the WebGlRenderer. Are there any metho
  12. My first try to HTML5 is a WebRTC game. i used webrtc datachannel to build a peer to peer network between players browsers. as firefox won't let me create datachannels without audio/video streams, this game only works with google chrome. still need a little work,. i'l ltry to put on my website next week. move with Arrow keys and kick the ball with "x" key. as this game is a peer to peer game, if a player with slow network or faraway from you, join your room, it will make the game laggy and unplayable, how ever i have no idea how internet connections actualy are at other c
  13. Hello I did a real time game, it is a puzzle where you have to catch a flea giving special coordinates but you can challenge your friends to see who catch the flea first. Some feedback are appreciated. http://catchtheflea.boniatillo.com
  14. Shephertz Technologies' AppWARP also has support for HTML5 With AppWarp you can create real-time multiplayer games without writing single line of server code. You can simply make calls to our server through APIs and exchange messages with players in real-time. The HTML5 SDK is 100% compatible with all frameworks, allowing developers to make realtime multiplayer games in their favorite framework. It features room/lobbies. Every room has some properties that can be set easily whenever developer want. You can even assign custom data to players and rooms. Another feature is Match Making. We have
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