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Can't export from Blender to Babylon.js


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I'm trying to export any file from Blender using File - Export - Babylon.js and I get this error message.


Any help would be very much appreciated!

	Exporter version: 3.0.0, Blender version: 2.70 (sub 0)========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js =========	Python World class constructor completed	processing begun of mesh:  Cylinder.004		processing begun of Standard material:  Material.028		num positions      :  66		num normals        :  66		num uvs            :  0		num uvs2           :  0		num colors         :  0		num indices        :  384	processing begun of mesh:  Sphere.006		processing begun of Standard material:  Material.033		num positions      :  529		num normals        :  529		num uvs            :  0		num uvs2           :  0		num colors         :  0		num indices        :  3096	processing begun of mesh:  Sphere.005		processing begun of Standard material:  Material.027		num positions      :  994		num normals        :  994		num uvs            :  0		num uvs2           :  0		num colors         :  0		num indices        :  5952	processing begun of mesh:  Sphere.004		processing begun of baked material:  Sphere.004========= An error was encountered =========  File "/home/fariazz/.config/blender/2.70/scripts/addons/io_export_babylon.py", line 287, in execute    mesh = Mesh(object, scene, nextStartFace, forcedParent, nameID, self)  File "/home/fariazz/.config/blender/2.70/scripts/addons/io_export_babylon.py", line 695, in __init__    bakedMat = BakedMaterial(exporter, object, recipe)  File "/home/fariazz/.config/blender/2.70/scripts/addons/io_export_babylon.py", line 1803, in __init__    bpy.ops.uv.smart_project(angle_limit = 66.0, island_margin = 0.0, user_area_weight = 1.0, use_aspect = True)  File "/usr/share/blender/scripts/modules/bpy/ops.py", line 188, in __call__    ret = op_call(self.idname_py(), None, kw)ERROR:  Converting py args to operator properties: : keyword "use_aspect" unrecognized========= end of processing =========elapsed time:  0 min, 0.1385 secs

This is version 2.72 of Blender (the one required for the Babylon export script) in Ubuntu.


I've tried exporting a new Blender project with no edits, also tried this public domain one Japanese House | Blend Swap and many others, always getting the same "use_aspect" error message.

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Well fariazz, I looked at the Japanese House from Blend swap and at the log above.


The exporter does fine with with the first three materials - they do not have textures associated with them.


Then it hits mesh Sphere04 - which does have a texture associated with its material - pillowfabric.jpg. Unfortunately, this texture is not being loaded (see image below - right red box)


In fact there seem to be at least 5 textures not being loaded (left red box)


If textures are somehow copyrighted etc they are often left out of Blendswap files.


cheers, gryff :)




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