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Hello everyone,


I am very new to community and honestly don't know much about game development in web. I want to create a web-based game but it is very hard to decide one thing:


1) Should i go and use html elements / css

2) Should i use only canvas / webgl?


It is a hard decision because the game will heavily rely on UI elements, and making that only on canvas will be really a challenge, while using html/css will make it really easy.


Things to be made will include registration forms and such kind of staff.


The question to you guys therefore is: Is using html/css ok in web games? Will the game be able to port on IOS / Android?


Best Regards


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@AzraelTycka thanks

For all people out there who may have the same question here is a good post, its outdated but still applicable for today:



The conclusion i make is, if a game heavily relies on UI, like a lot and not only health bar / point / simple modal windows , than its better to use DOM UI, make a prototype of the game only for web and if it will be successful make a Canvas UI version of it to target mobile/tablets, otherwise it is too much hassle which may lead to no result and disappointment.


Thanks for answers guys.

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