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Open source moddable game


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Hi there,

I'm currently working on an open source game project called Regeneration (see here: http://github.com/Truemedia/Regeneration-Primer)

and am looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with me on it and make something interesting and powerful, whether it be programming, designing, graphics, story or music.


The idea behind this software is that it is extremely moddable in that:


- No install/compiling script needed

- Uses latest javascript technologies to make the game modular and interchangable in the components that make up a game (RequireJS/AMD, CDN loaded code)

- Relies on most commonly used JS libraries in AMD format (Bootstrap, jQuery, Modernizr, RequireJS, KnockoutJS, Crafty)

- Directory structure and modular code concepts borrowed from other open source projects

- Already supports language switching (via dropdown at bottom of page), theme selection, audio, and canvas area (currently using Crafty)

- Already has fully expandable points, health, inventory, character selection, blog feed api, controls input and instructions, death event, and custom events


I'm trying to make a zombie style survival game at the minute using it but I want to make the architecture of the game so powerful that anyone can reuse the code to make massive games quite easily, but without the limitations of most quick game development tools. Also I want to keep this open source so that the core game software will always be available, but anyone can make money from modding the software if they want to.


Anyone can join the project and contribute what they like whenever they like, but would really like to work on some games with other people because Iv'e only ever worked on this project alone (Everything you see in the project including the programming, graphics, music, and design has all be done by me so far).


A bit of background on me for anyone interested in my capabilities as a HTML5 game developer:

  • Main work revolves around PHP, been a PHP Back-end developer by job description since 2010, learned it as my first programming language more than 5 years ago
  • Done various pieces of front end web development during past 3 years and this year learned to use a lot of very new and very powerful tools and frameworks and feel comfortable with JavaScript
  • Can product music tracks and proffessional audio recordings (studied music technology for 3 years at college) and producing/composing audio tracks is my second strongest skillset
  • Capable of producing pixel art to a basic level (I have done a lot of pixel art Iv'e done over the years, and i tend to only struggle with drawing vehicles or humans)
  • Familliar with most of the new aspects CSS3 and HTML5 bring to the browser and had chance to code and try out these new techniques

If anyone want to contribute just let me know below or fork the software and change it in anyway you like. I'm happy to answer any questions or open to any ideas for the project below.

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