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Materials disappear when I flip some faces


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I have a mesh that I import from Blender. On this plane I put a material of different color on each faces. Up to that point, no problem, the export to Blender is good.


However, I need to flip some faces of my plane at precise moments (those who followed my topics know why ^_^ ), the problem is that when I flip one or several faces, all the materials of my plane disappear, including the materials of the faces that I didn't flipped.


Ideas of the origin of the problem ?


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Actually, your assumption that your Blender export is good is false.


You need to turn off the optimization that assumes the back side of a face will never be seen, since it is on the inside of a mesh.  This is called face culling.


It is done on a material level, not a mesh level.  In Blender, you need to edit you material(s), turning this off.  You have to temporarily switch to the Game Render to see the properties.  See the picture in the Mapped Properties section of the documentation.  



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