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Sound volume


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Hi everyone,


Sorry for my English I'm French :)


I need advice to get the volume of sound output playing in my game.


I have a sprite representing a character and he speaks in same time a sound dialog.


I have some sprite sheets for speaking and I have a sprite sheet  for not speaking.


I want to check a volume of my sound to play a speaking animation and not speaking animation because if I play only speaking animation, it feels like a movie translated (speaking when there is no sound ^^)

When the sound volume is zero (not volume set with phaser property, the real volume output) I want to play not speaking animation.


Do you have a solution to do that?


Do not hesitate if you have any questions or if you do not understand, I can not express myself in English.






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thank you for your answer,


Is not what i'm looking for. In my sound i have one or multiple sentences and sometimes, between the word (or sentence) there is a little break (one or two second like in a real talk) and i want when there is these breaks play an other animation that when he speaks.


What you wanted to say it's cut sound when there is break... but it would do a lot of sounds and my model data prevent me to do that.


I really need a volume meter for check if the output level is below a certain threshold to change animation.


Thanks for your help.



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