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How to do UV map to apply a texture on a faces group ?


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I would like to apply a texture on a precise zone of my mesh (ground), on several faces.


I think  the UV map should be a good solution to do that, but for the moment I didn't find how to do that.


Any idea/example/documentation which could help me ?

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If you are using Blender, switch your mesh to edit mode.  Select from the menu, Mesh -> UV Unwrap … -> Unwrap.  Until next PR, you also need to assign that map to the texture, see documentation.


Also, 3.0.1 exporter did do some unnecessary baking.  If you are getting 'NO UV warnings' and you did not assign an image texture to begin with, update to 3.0.2.  With such a redesign of how materials are handled, there have been a bunch of little adjustments since 3.0 has been out in the wild.  Another on the way.  Hopefully it calms down, and the changes affect fewer & fewer scenes.


If not in Blender, never mind.  Not surprised that people have not responded to this, since you are implying you wish to build a UV map by hand.  That is not going to be easy, unless your mesh is trivial.

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Ah, you want your mesh to be multi-material capable.  Make it multi-material in Blender, just ensure both materials are the same color at export.  Assign the faces you want to have the alternate material.


When the event occurs, get the material of the mesh.  It will be a multi material, re-assign one of the materials inside to be your texture.  If you have more than of these meshes, you will have to clone this multi material, or all meshes will then be changed.


Not sure what the 'this' is that needs to be done by hand.  Export with a UV map.  It does not hurt anything, and will be needed for texturing.


Decals might be also viable, but I know little about them.

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