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How to get a skybox to work on iPad4


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The example at the link below breaks the office iPad 4... there's an animation rotating the camera and after rotating through about 90 degrees the page freezes.




It is a cut down sample based on the standard "Environment" sample on the playground.


I've put in the animation so that the user "doesn't have to do anything" to see the problem, but actually to break this on iPad4 the animation isn't needed...


Take the animation out and just rotate the camera around (by dragging with your finger on the iPad) and the page freezes pretty soon just with the skybox.


If you download the .zip, you'll see the jpgs used aren't that big... around 20KB ...  (97KB for the 6 of them).


Thank you very much for helping if you can.

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What is an iPad 4?  Never heard of it.  I tried your playground on a 10" iPad Air 2 wt the little thumb reader.  The animation stopped without going all the way around, but I was unable to reproduce your freezing, using a finger afterward.  I pinched / zoomed / doodled for over a minute.  Frame rate was 60.  Version of OS was 8.4.1.


Do you mean iPhone 4?

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Thanks for trying the test app out for me.

iTunesConnect calls the device an "iPad 4th Generation" ... I have just always thought it was (loosely speaking) referred to as an iPad 4 ... I've seen other people doing that.

The model number is MD511ZP/A

The os is 8.4.1 (12H321) ie. the latest, but on the previous OS update the test app behaved in just the same way.


EDIT: Ah, having now done some goolging, I understand the reason for the confusion:


Wikipedia says: 


"The fourth-generation iPad (originally marketed as iPad with Retina display, retrospectively marketed as the iPad 4)"

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The graphics chip in it is a PowerVR






... I'm going to go see if I can get any clues from this:




Ah. Immediate no-go ... it doesn't look like Chrome running on the iPad supports tracing.


Maybe some clues for me here:

(although it is year old)

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It looks like it is possible to remote debug javascript running on the iPad as is described on this page here:



In Safari advanced options (in iPad settings) I see I can turn on "Web Inspector", then and connect the iPad up to a Mac also running Safari.


I have not done this before, but I will give it a go later on when I can get access to a Mac desktop.


I'll post here to say how I get on.

EDIT: Note to self:

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