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WebGL Invalid Operation Error (Warning)


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I was wondering if anyone could help with a benign error I'm seeing in a game my team and I are currently working on:


Warning Message:

WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: uniformMatrix3fv: location is not from current program



We're using a lot of custom shaders and filters, and this seems to be linked to our usage of a custom shader.


How safe is it to subclass Shader to make a custom shader, and then apply such an object to an instance of PIXI.Sprite on the shader property?


I may have not supplied enough information, so please ask any questions. You can see the error here:



Thank you!



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You should try to subclass the AbstractFilter class for doing custom shaders, the Shader class requires a bit more work to get working. The error you are getting is pixi trying to set a uniform value that actually doesn't exist in the program. This is likely due to you specifying a uniform that isn't in the program, or one of the built-in uniforms not existing in the program that it is expecting.

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