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How to speed up Pixi.spine.Spine instance?


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Hi guys, i'm using pixi.js (ver 3.0.7) with plugin pixi-spine.js (version 2.1), everything works fine but when I tried this:

var test = new PIXI.spine.Spine(res.spine.spineData);

test.animationSpeed = 2;

it doen't work. :huh:

I was wondering if the API has been changed....hmm,anyone knows how to speed up/down the animation speed (or maybe frame rate) of an instance of the PIXI.spine.Spine?


Hope you guys can give me a hand,it would be great help :)


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:mellow: hmm...I have solved the problem myself.... I modified the code in pixi-spine.js and add animationSpeed property to it's spine.AnimationState.prototype


Here is the code : :D

spine.AnimationState.prototype = {
    onStart: null,
    onEnd: null,
    onComplete: null,
    onEvent: null,
    timeScale: 1,
animationSpeed : 1,
    update: function (delta)
        delta *= this.timeScale;
        for (var i = 0; i < this.tracks.length; i++)
            var current = this.tracks;
            if (!current) continue;
            current.time += delta * current.timeScale * this.animationSpeed;
The red color code is what I added to it. If anyone met the same problem like me, you can simply modify the code in Pixi-spine.js.
Hope the author can take a look :lol:
Now you can use :
var test = new PIXI.spine.Spine(res.spine.spineData);
test.state.animationSpeed = 2;
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