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I have trouble to loading texture of an object in Babylonjs SandBox


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Hello to all.

I created an object in Blender and I applied the texture using UV coordinates.
This is the result of the render in Blender:
Unfortunately, when I go to upload the files in the sandbox of Babylonjs this is the output:
This is the log export file .babylon in Blender:
Can someone please help me? Where am I wrong? Can you give me some suggestions.

Files that I put in the sandbox are these:
- casa_geografia.babylon
- casa_geografia.log
- layout_diffuse_texture.png

I attach them here.
Thanks in advance.



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Hi LLS, welcome to the forum.  Sorry to hear you are having issues.  I have no answers, but, if possible, could you include the .blend file in the zip, too.  Thanks.

Hi Wingnut. Thank you for the warm welcome.

I attach the blender file in the bottom of the topic.

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Hi LLs, welcome to BJS.


In Blender in the Edit Mode for your object, Select all the vertices then Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate Outside. Then rexport.


cheers, gryff :)



Thank you. It works . I think the problem was that I first exported the model in OBJ and then I imported it into Blender . Anyway thank you very much . You 've solved a big problem!  :D  

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