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[PreAlpha] Convert XMind dialogue trees into ingame interactive dialogue


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Hi all,


A link/screenshots/example to a pre-alpha version of one plugin for an upcoming set of tools I am developing to help with GUI heavy games (think RPG's etc) is available below. Try the example, and hopefully it will make more sense:

[link being updated]





  • Use XMind to plot out complicated or simple story interactions, and allow GooeyJS.Dialogue play it out
  • Convert XMind files to JSON files that GooeyJS.Dialogue can read directly with one command (see docs)
  • Handles looping scenarios 
  • Handles fork scenarios
  • Engine agnostic - example is using Greensock and JQuery. Next adapter will be Phaser - although you can still easily use Dialogue.JS right now without an adapter
  • Handles callbacks with the following syntax: [function]:functionName|arg1|arg2|...


  • V0.1
  • No docs
  • Tested in Chrome only
  • Standard dialogue lines must follow the "actor:line" pattern. 
  • Looking for feedback and interest. Cool if you don't want to use a 0.1 build, but let me know if you would use it if it were stable. 



Xmind Example Screenshot

Note: The colors and avatars are optional, they just look cool





(Background Assets by Kenney)




Example (from above XMind mind map):



Github Repo:

[link being updated]


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Great! This could really help in making RPG dialogs and simple adventure games.


Can you please tell me, which version of XMind do you use? Does free version have all functions neccesary to create dialog like in the above example? Is Scene-1-A.json exported directly from the tool? Is all the json's structure configured inside XMind?

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Hi. Thanks, exactly my intention.

I am using the free version of the latest xmind.

The tool is just a command line tool, and you point it to the xmind file, and it will create a json version of it.

Does that kind of explain it?

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