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reversed graphic.arc bug?


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Hello, I'm trying to draw a pie-chart like circle with a wedge missing - it's for an elapsing clock/timer.


I want the missing wedge to start at 12 o'clock and move to the right.


The following code seems to be what I need:

gfk.arc(0, 0, 128,        game.math.degToRad(270), // starts at 12 o'clock        game.math.degToRad(270-360), // ends at 12 o'clock        true // anti-clockwise);

This should draw a complete circle - but it's a few degrees off:




Here's a live demo:


If I turn off the arc reverse-draw argument and draw in opposite direction, it works fine, but I need it in reverse.


Why does this happen, and how can I draw the shape I want? Thanks in advance!

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