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GUI in HTML or Pixi.js?


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I'm not directly using pixi, I use phaser, so my advice is what it's worth.


Personally, I would go full pixi, for the sake of consistency, especially if your GUI will be very graphic, not just a rectangular area on top of the rest with a bunch of button/drop down menus.

Even more if you're into pixel art.


Those guys don't agree, and again, I don't use pixi...




Now there's this


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I could overlay HTML elements over top of the canvas or I could attempt to make a gui by using Pixi.js. 

If your UI is complex (more than just a few simple buttons) I would overlay and HTML <div> for that.

Pixi doesn't have any built-in button sprites and its interactive components are limited so it's quite a bit of work to build your own GUI button system.

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