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Which engine to Choose to be fast and cross platform including mobile ?


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Hello all

i need your experienced and professional advice ,
im experienced  developer coming from c++ . i want to dive into cross platform 2d game development .

looking at this list : https://html5gameengine.com/ 
i see there are so many engines and when i do google search i can see even more . 
i tested pixi.js games on mobile browser ( iphone5 ) and it looks really good . 
but does it the right engine to choose ? maybe Phaser that has big community but the games on mobile not so fast ... 
there is so much info . what to Choose ?

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Hi @umen


After leaving Flash game development and deciding to go with HTML5, I did a HUGE amount of research.


I found 3 engines that I think are amazing - Panda, Phaser and Construct 2.


You can't go wrong with Phaser, it a brilliant engine + with amazing pre-build functions and has a huge community.


Panda is my favourite, because it's VERY easy to use and has wicked options for hires assets, retina and a lot of other cool stuff.


I LOVE Panda and couldn't be happier with it - if you decide to go this way, please use the 2.0 dev version as its very stable and soon to be released.


Construct 2 is a drag and drop game-maker. It is the easiest software I've ever used to make games. The problem with Construct 2 (for me) is that you're limited by picking a resolution. If the resolution you pick is too high (because you want it to look good on hires displays and big screens), some weaker devices might choke.


In my opinion, Construct 2 is brilliant for making pixel games and I'm definitely going to use it for this purpose in the future.


Hope this helps :)

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