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making objects rendered later transparent for interactions


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It looks like the last object rendered (regardless of it's size) is the only thing that will respond to mouse events regardless of it's interactive setting.


For example, if I have a layer (container) of sprites and I want them to respond to mouse events, but, I want them to render below an unfilled rectangle, then, even if I set the interactivity member of the rectangle to false, I still can't trigger mouse events on the sprites.


Is that the case? 

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Ok, no worries. Yes, I'm aware that you are looking to re-write it, I was just checking here that I wasn't missing something before I raised an issue, in the hope that that would be helpful to you. Easy enough to work around it or patch around it for now and it's still brilliant to use.

I don't know if your considering it, but it would be very simple to make a clean fix for this issue if you had a dispatcher in your core. You could have an onrender event and pass the display object that was rendered, as an argument to the subscribers. The interaction manager could then cherry pick and maintain whatever state it needed for resolving event sources and the renderer could forget about it.

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