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Ladder physics with Arcade on a Tiled map


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So, I'm trying to implement ladder physics in a simple 2d platformer, with the map made in Tiled. My solution is that I have a ladder object, and then update checks for overlap between the player and the ladder entering the function "climb". As of now, two problems occur:


  1. When overlapping with the ladder, I wish to disallow gravity for the player. This works fine. However, I do not know where in the code to reallow gravity in order to make the gameflow smooth. I tried putting an "if-not-overlap", but this obviously doesn't work since "climb" is then not entered.
  2. (Tiled): I implement the ladder as an invisible object through "Insert Rectangle". It has a specified height of 105px. However, in game, it is only a small box, which doesn't appear where I would imagine, see attached picture.

Happy for any help, also feel free to ask for clarification.


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