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HDR support or converter?


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Heya Dink... good to hear from you again.  Man, what a gruesome question you ask.  Researching this was a royal pain-in-the-butt, and right in the middle of building a test playground... my browser flopped and I lost it (in more than one way).


Anyway, this will get bumped-up... sorry for the slow responses... but I can see why.  Errf.


Here's some things I didn't lose...









I'll leave it here.  I was trying to pull the shader code from that 3JS demo... into our playground... when... well, you know.  Anyway, I'll let you roll with this... as I am running off to get drunk and cry.  hehe 


Interesting topic, Dinkydoo.  Looks like it COULD be affected by webGL 2.0 spec, too.  I think future use of HDRi and OpenEXR is likely, and near.  It seems to be the talk-of-the-town (popular subject on the web).  Be well.

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