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RPG game in phaser


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How much java script experience do you have?  Have you used canvas before?  Have you ever touched Phaser before?

Top-down, turn-based RPG's are fairly straightforward to make.  You don't need to worry too much about physics or complicated AI.  The hardest part will probably be the UI, because Phaser doesn't really have the best support for it yet.  (You can do it using Text elements and sprites).  Particularly because RPGs usually require tons of menus and configuration screens.

My recommended course of action would be:

  • Get familiar with Phaser's state-driven system and get a couple basic states loading
  • Use a tile map editor to design tilemaps and get them loading into a world with Phaser
  • Get the player sprite on the tilemap and get it moving with input
  • Get state switching working, like from worldview to battleview, to menus, ect.
  • Get the interactions between player and objects, player and enemies to work (attacking, ect)
  • add scripting for story elements and dialog

It should be noted that RPGs are notoriously hard to make, and for a first project (i assume this is your first) might be a bit too much to chew.


Let me know if you have any additional questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.


Good luck!




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