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A Small Survey For Those Making Games


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UPDATE: Now closed. Thanks everyone!


For my current educational institution, I am conducting a small survey for those making games. Just three short questions on your current game project, whatever it may be. I would greatly appreciate the contributions of anyone on this forum! Please leave any comments or questions you may have here.


To complete it, please go here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LPTP29T


(Also, I hope this does belong in General Talk. It didn't really seem to belong under any of the other categories.)

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The purpose is to gather some data on any link between choosing public engines, well-known frameworks, or a homebrewed codebase and optimism in regards to completing a project as a new developer.


In the past, I've noted that more than a few people new to game design and development would tend towards the extremes of either trying to create as much themselves as possible, building an engine from the ground up, or else trying to find some pre-existing framework or engine that allowed them to do as little work as possible that was not unique to their idea. In recent years, I've noticed a more even spread, with many frameworks and engines being popular among both the newcomers who desire to jump in at the deep end and those who want to take it one step at a time. At the same time, I've seen a lot more people become more confident about finishing their early projects as they learn about making games. It would seem like there is a link there, or it could merely be coincidence, or, most likely, part of a web of causes including more tutorials, more guides, and more resources of all kinds when it comes to making games.


Well, technically that's the purpose. For the class, I merely had to conduct a small survey on anything whatsoever, obeying only a certain questioning framework, in order to demonstrate certain statistical principles. I wanted to gather a little bit of game development-related information, that being a passion of mine. In order to really learn about this potential link, I would have to conduct a much larger survey, with quite a few more questions and with far better controls on bias, as well as doing a lot more work that I don't have time for this semester. Perhaps I shall do exactly that one day, though.  :)

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